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Have you been paying attention to property prices lately?

Property prices here and in NI are rising you might be surprised to discover. There was absolutely no need to sell off this portfolio so cheaply. We took a huge hit on the sale. Plus the sale was mired in corruption, this was common knowledge.

Congratulations on being one of the only idiots in the country who think we did well out of the sale.


Ask tfk’s intern @Horsebox to do that research pal.


Really. So Brexit and thread of it had no impact.


Not remotely enough to explain the shortfall in the sale price.


Can you be irate at both?

I’m irate at both.


That’s perfectly reasonable.


Your straw men.


You made an argument. Support it. Offer some evidence for it or shove it up your hole, mate.


You stated that those who caused the crisis were doing well, and mentioned vultures.

Where did I say they had merit? Learn to read.

Correct, but those are still ordinary people. You can also argue that protecting people’s savings and the banking system helped protect some future generations as people still had cash to invest in education et cetera.

Irish people have private pensions.

Well done for pointing out the obvious. I was merely pointing out to you that while bondholders were saved and many of those were wealthy fat cats, that many shareholders who were the same (i.e. wealthy fat cats) lost out on the share price.

Your entire narrative is that it is always the little guy who misses out and the wealthy who do well. That is factually incorrect.


I already did.


I disagree. You made up some stuff and got all riled up about it.


I’ll bite to a small degree.

Why is 5.5% unemployment described as “Effectively full employment” by multiple commentators, media organisations, economists etc over the last couple of weeks. This tallies with data from the last 20 years suggesting that during the boom in Ireland unemployment stubbornly persisted at 4% (https://tradingeconomics.com/ireland/unemployment-rate) despite there being more jobs than workers as reflected in rapidly spiralling wages at the time (demand exceeding supply)

What’s the issue with the 1 in 20/1 in 25 workers in that cohort? As you’re snidely mocking multiple posters for suggesting there is a work-shy element within that, I’d ask you - where’s your evidence that there isn’t and that current welfare structures don’t perpetuate this?


I didn’t say Vulture Funds caused the crash but they did well out of it with the help of those that were partly responsible.

It was possible to protect people’s savings and burn some of the bondholders. Remember bondholders were receiving a premium for the risk they were taking by lending the money. They expected to be burned. They gambled and should have lost. People that saved money were not gambling.

Not to the tune of 60b.

So what? They should have lost the whole lot. Apart from the obvious idiot I doubt there were any fat cats who had all their eggs in the Irish bank share basket.


Total of funds Irish people have in private pensions is well over 100bn. Prob double the 60bn


133,000 wasters on the dole in oireland x 5 pound a week by 52 = nearly 35 million pound a year, thats a fucking outrageous waste of public money


Economics is about incentives .


I didn’t agree with the guarantee. However, it is important to note that it helped by ordinary and wealthy people. The EU guarantees only 100k of people’s savings, that could be someone’s pension. This was far less in 2007.


If they lost the whole lot, then we as a society would have paid elsewhere. There should have been burning of bondholders absolutely, but the idea that we could burn them all and not suffer consequences as a society is pure stupidity.


Fuck off, get your head out of your hole and stop hopping on every righteous cause known to man.

How’s that, kid?


Was there a war in Ireland in 1996 that explains the explosion in people who were too disabled to work?

There wasn’t.

Lot of lads who if work was in bed would sleep on the floor.