Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


Was thinking the exact same thing. Four noble looking pints of Guinness.


Look smashing. Should the young lad second left not be at home doing his homework though?


I assume a pint of Guinness wouldn’t be sweet enough for the Buff?
The baldly lad wins this round


He was on First Dates last year


Did he get the ride?


He’s also working for some Irish social media channel that’s a rip off of those buzzfeed videos. Eating hot wings and that sort of stuff.


His date ended up in hospital for the next 3 months


She’ll be like a wizards sleeve so…


The buff did untold on commentary tonight


Great hat on Buff today


Where can I order one?


tis my cousin making the things ill have to put you onto him someday


Oh please do. You’ll have to PM me though. Any gains accrued by a poster, or other, through public board interaction is subject to the 67% TFKCGT, as outlined in the TFK charter.

I await your PM.


Buff too busy acting the gowl in the kitchen to realise Celtic are playing tonight


He’s a talented man.


They are absolutely defrightful


Ha ha ha . Baking is a big thing in Protestant culture . He is not a true Celtic man .


Anyone know the cunt sitting beside buff in his new fb profile picture on his personal account?


Mate, you’re obsessed


Self obsessed