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You’re buffsessed


Surely a more obscure final on he could go to?



Should be read from bottom post to top,some clown all the same (Buff too)


Well said Buff. Fuck the cunts, they blackguard you at every turn.


All jokes aside the man is clearly a troubled sociopath and this whole thing will end in tragedy.


Why do you Limerick lads hate Buff so much?


Can you not leave the man alone, the people of Limerick have a strange relationship with him given he’s done nothing but give love to Limerick hurling.


Lads asking a hurling man for a shout out for their football team. Fucks sake.


Found it

Connacht club JHC semi-final
Calry-St Joseph’s (Sligo) v Carrick (Leitrim), Markievicz Park, 2pm


Not a final . No cup = no buff .


He wont be going to the Munster Club game so.


+1. That Adare crowd have real notions bout themselves. Fuck off with their heritage town and their JP estate





Sorry… village


Surely it’s the KK final and a few snaps later from Langtons with the big Italian stripper/hooker


Buff didnt recieve even one single bit of abuse today . Times they are a changing


Get fucked Buff


You get fucked


CTFO. This cunt hasn’t an ounce of Buffs charisma.