Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


Maybe people are bored at buff at this stage ??


Nah man


Buff only gets abuse off the limerick folk.


Oh buff has fired shots in rorys stories direction with his latest fb post


This Rory stories any good?




Buff chancing a black woman on the train :joy::joy:


He is some creep


Yeah she will destroy him anyway😂


It’s very odd behaviour that @WD40 only interaction on this site is to have a pop at buff.

I don’t know anything about Buff but he seems a harmless fella that is doing nothing wrong.

This stalking by @WD40 comes across quite weird and confirms @WD40 is a very very strange individual.


Lie down you fool! Its just the rest of the treads are bollox, i only found tfk when i googled the buff man, and calling me strange ?any man with a name like ebeneezer cant be all with it


Look dick head, whilst Rocko loves new members, ones like you are no addition.

You googled buff? I never even heard of the lad before TFK.

Why in the name of Jaysus were you googling some lad who goes to hurling games? A harmless fella throwing a few photos up on the web!

The likes of you are what fucks young people up with your on line snarling and bullying.

The arguments on here, even the rape accusations and lazy tuborg nappy changing stuff is respectful fighting, old school straighteners. You are a million miles from that and bring nothing to this site.

Fuck off now or you’ll be outed like the lads in Ballyracket.


You got that right at least


You fucking eejit for starters its *ballyragget


Buff lobbed the gob on a Thurles bird today she tried to pull away from him twice and then he told two guards they’ve heads like Spanish omelettes


Probably because he never has anything good to say about us :sunglasses: Which is odd given that Limerick is the choice county for nearly all North Kerry folk to support, outside of their own.
Respect is a two way thing.


Fuck sake


Apparently the Buff is gracing Ballyragget with his presence this evening


Of course he is, I’d say he stopped and had a hop on fifi on the way! Strange route to be driving from Waterford to Kenmare


He has landed ,