Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


And not getting a penny for it. The page is costing him money.


And the cul camps he got paid for were little recompense


He was in Kilcornan a while back promoting some run a while back, got paid for that iirc.

He must be raking in at least a bit of expense money by now.






A sceptical person might think they were written by the same person




The fact that the previous letter the fucking wanker posted up is clearly visible on the other side of that page makes me nod in agreement with you.


That’s the rest of the letter :thinking:


@carryharry wouldn’t cut it in Garda forensics. Or maybe he would.

Ps. ‘PTO’ to Harry is different to your PTO.


It takes a bizarre individual to put up pretend letters from secondary school girls in order to solicit more letters. Let’s hope this is genuine fan mail for the Buff, despite the similarities in the handwriting


Not looking good Buff


You got him nicely on the other one, that there tho is the Kerry on the envelope.


It’s the same writing paper though. What are the odds?


Yeah I wouldn’t doubt that at all. He’s not right in the head that lad




You took your time to notice


Man you are a weird cunt, the only interest you have in your life is taking the piss out of a harmless old eejit on snapchat, Fuck off out of it will you.


And all your interested in is jumping down my throat as soon as i open my mouth so fuck off and do one you silly hostile cunt