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There’s other threads on this forum you absolute imbecile :rofl:


Well go and look at them so and give me a rest slow man


You’re replying to me you absolute fool of a man, now fuck off and give us a break.


Youre replying to me in the first place you hostile bastard


Right mate, in all seriousness. What the fuck is wrong in your life that you have no interests beyond a snapchat lad who goes around to hurling matches acting the eejit to entertain a few teenagers, nobody gives a fuck but you keep bumping this thread with inane shit, and you call me hostile but you’re mean enough about poor old Buff who has no right of reply here.
Now why don’t you have a look around the forum and give this shit a break.


Wait now show me one example of where i was ‘mean to poor buff’ and dont come back to me without one


And may i add this time last week you were claiming i am buff, and im not faking this quote go up and check its only a week old bollox


The post that begun this exchange


That was in reply to a post that said hes not right in the head, yet im in the wrong?


Yes mate, your questioning how it could have taken somebody so long to realise that Buff isn’t right in the head


So the lad who said hes not right in the head is a saint? ( no offence to @Gman)


It was re emphasising a point made numerous times by numerous people, including me, before. Fuck sake it’s obvious he’s not right, you were trying to make a snarky point and @backinatracksuit pulled you up on it. Now fuck up or fuck off


Ill go with the second option but ye can fuck off too and do one


Also ive one more point. I dont remember anything being said to the mouse when he claimed to have beered buff outside that pub


Good point actually, I take it all back,
What have you got to say for yourself about that time you smashed Buffs Head with the cider bottle @ChocolateMice??


@WD40 has a few of the usual suspects on the go here
He should post on more threads, I’d love to see him lock horns with the feminazis or the headbangars




I’d like to see him smash you over the head with a bottle of Bulmers but all those things are unlikely to happen.




That’s a very very strange comment if you don’t mind me saying.