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I don’t mind you saying at all.


Disgusting comment.


Also, flagged.


You outraged again mate? Bless.


Why are you fantasizing about seeing a complete stranger glassed? That’s the behavior of a sociopath.


I love the way he says he’d like someone else to assault me. He’s an awful auld woman so he is.


He’s disturbed.


A cork weirdo.


Internet hard man he is


This man should be making a fortune


Buff has some understanding of the game of basketball, the guy crosse all codes


Donaghy seems to be a complete mullocker at the basketball


The man was dropping 3 pointers for fun there.


Pemberton/Pembroke is a flat track bully


They need to get Barry John Keane togged


He picked up a handy 200 notes from that shot alone


True,he could boot the ball into the stand


Buff loses another wallet


He’s putting too much effort into not losing his virginity to mind the wallets.


He’ll have to get one of them chains to tie between his wallet and pants so he doesn’t lose another one.