Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


:joy: Pot, kettle.


He does it for the love of the game supposedly



Buff wasn’t even arsed going down to the post box to send the top one


The fucking dunce. :see_no_evil:

Trying his best to vary up the handwriting but the Y is a giveaway. Plus, who the fuck posts letters anymore?

If he threw up copies of emails then this lame shit might fly but letters! :rofl:

Up your game #Buff


He must post one after every match he goes to.

One recently from Waterford. Next from Mayo, surely not.


A recent instagram poll shows that out of 625 people,42% are not fans of buff!


Looks like he’s coming to Wexford this weekend for the game between Fethard (cc @gman) and The Locke’s (cc @Piles_Hussain and @Locke)


Christ. He’ll get some going over in the stores that night.

Ah sure he’ll get to see St Anne’s and crossabeg too in the intermediate final.


Buff is after plonking himself a couple of seats over from me. Surrounded by Locke’s chaps. I might go over and ask for a selfie too


I was typing "that never happened " and had a quick look at Twitter .

Jesus you are right . Kilgarvan to Wexford , Jesus .


He’s up to Galway for the county hurling semi-finals tomorrow too. He’s traveling savage distances all for the love of the small ball and he’s not looking for anything for it.


If only he was money driven and tried to become a brand ambassador for a car dealers or mobile phone brand. He’s a true Gael mate


The auld boy is up behind Buff, you can see him (that is my auld boy, @Ashman) looking down thinking “what kind of a ginit is that fella…” :joy:


He’s some yoke. He’ll be fumbling with back up battery packs all through the game.


Your aul boy or buff doing the thinking ??


Fixed it there, ya ginit ya…


Good to see @Gman looking happy on the videos there.


Buff Egan hailed on Galway Bay FM post match report just now as “a social media phenomenon”. Signing more autographs than Joe Canning


Ah Buff, in the Rabittes House no less!!