Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


What do you mean


Dont be commenting on shit you don’t know about, thats all I’m saying. The internet is a small place, you’ll be found out very quickly.


Did you not make a comment saying he could be joining up with the gay fella


Are you homophobic?


Not really why?


The most fatal FB message in the history of Limerick GAA :eek:


My council warned me it had to go . I couldn’t gaurentee anonymity to my source and as Mick the hack well knows you must keep your sources safe at all times.


Wise move. @The_Runt is overexposed at present.


Buff wasn’t named in the top 100 Irish Snapchatters :eek:

Fair play to Buff, he’s taking this really well.


Where’s the list ?



Is this the ‘statement’ ?


This is not the big news we were expecting

That will come out in time I’m sure

Cc @carryharry


Who gives a fuck for jaysus sake.


It’s bloody tough to explain exactly what Buff is, I tried today with a couple of middle aged lads in work, one had been sitting quite close to him at the boxing and remarked that he didn’t appear to be all there.


Change your login info straight away you dense cunt. Your personal info is being Private Messaged all over the forum.

@Ebeneezer_Goode has had enough of your shit. Best to move along.


Terrible carry on from the Limerick hurling crowd to invite Buff down and then charge him the entrance fee at the door.


The new all Ireland suits won’t pay for themselves


The new 96 man panel makes things pricey alright .


Bad form, invited him up, reveled in the free publicity he provided them and then didn’t even give a bob expenses.