Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


And If rumours are to be believed some of the players were in on it with the girl to mug buff off. A staged plan to make him look like a fool and a pervert .


A highly complicated plan I imagine. Consisting of girl turning up, talk to buff, and let him do his worst. Not much more to it than that for him to look an idiot


Very dignified in fairness.


Is she a bit simple herself?


This your personal info is out there ‘joke’ is as tired and old as you, you pathetic old cunt. It hasn’t been humorous the last 11 times you’ve tried it. Deary me.


Well lads


Welcome aboard Buff.


By god


What’s the craic Buff?


Howre things


Did the Limerick hurlers fuck you over Buff?


Would you consider gloves whilst checking the back end oil in the future?


would you consider fucking off


Ah you’d never call Carry old…


Yes, if you ask politely.


Surly buff is a shoe in for cunt of the year


Harmless cunt of the year?


Annoying cunt of the year


Buffs had a run in with the guards


Well, it worked.