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I expect a mass shooting in the South Kerry area in the next few days after hearing a few audio clips of the Buff complaining about Rory’s stories doing a book signing in Tralee.


Expect lapsed member @pikeman’s work to appear on Buffs timeline soon enough


Just saw on Twitter that Rory was on Terrace Talk on Radio Kerry on Monday evening. :eyes:


The Buff is fucking seething over it. He feels the people of North Kerry have betrayed him :joy:


"My own people…"
He’s really lost his mind with this one. Calling out players , criticising his followers and having a bizarre dig at the 2 Johnnies!


He’ll be ok. He’ll find asylum in The Banner.


He’ll be in an asylum if he doesn’t relax. I don’t get why he’s so pissed off over it, Rory’s stories & the two Johnnies are completely different things altogether.


Another North Kerry man stabs Buff in the back, for shame Julio, for shame.


Buff is only jealous of the real farmers in North Kerry.


In a short while, Buff and the auld fella will never need to work another day in their life.


Self driving sheep?


The payday is coming fast.


Insurance job?


Where did you come across them clips


Jaysus I’m after getting these clips.

He’s fucking seething!!!


Send em on pal!


Send on Whatsapp Number.

Ive 9 audio clips


There’s a WhatsApp chain of them going around