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Indeed. It sounds like he is talking to himself in them


My God… priceless.


Will you upload them here?


Will you ever get over this clown?


What’s your obsession with Buff mate? He’s a gormless eejit


Don’t bother your arse @Copper_pipe


What’s your obsession with people having an obsession with Buff?


@backinatracksuit is gone very grumpy lately whatever is the matter with him. I think the stress over Paul Clement’s poor managerial performance has gotten to him.
The same fella has 110 posts in this thread.


P.S. @WD40 = Rory’s stories


Yes mate, 100 of which are me questioning these gobdaws mental capacities, nothing new, I can be grumpy with the best of them, I’m all for Buff doing his thing for the pre teens really.
It is genuinely fascinating and not a little disconcerting how much of a hoohaw that eejit from Kerry creates with a few lads here, at least one of whom appears to have no other interest in his life.


Get the fuck off this thread


Throw them in the ragget group for the laugh




Right, PM me if ye want the link.


Why can’t you post it up here? It’s what Buff would want truth told.



I’m sorry i listened to all that. The bad language in it was abominable.


Ken McGrath blackguarded The Buff and has been badly exposed during this ranting monologue


He has an awful mouth on him in fairness.


Ah lads that’s not him at all!!