Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


She’s rough as fuck boy would ya go away


Rory comes across as an alright sort. :ok_hand::ok_hand:


He even posted up a family snap for Christmas.


You’d think he’d have waited til his wife got dressed.


He’s punching way above his weight


Buff rubbing some salt on Limerick wounds


I wonder will he have a rant later about not getting the ride after she leading him on :sweat_smile:


I feel a " lob it in there boss " story coming on


Fuck it, I’d get up on her anyway with a john john on


She’d destroy you


Fucking pikey head on her


This Anna lady is tidy


Buff is having a right pop off Tralee today. Them north Kerry hoors will be sorry the day they ever welcomed the baldy lad with open arms!!!




I’m liking this new out and about the town segment.


Lovely discreet rings on her fingers. :see_no_evil:


Unsurprisingly Buff is calling Penne ‘spaghetti’


Given his previous history she’s more likely to end up with his finger in her ring.


Is he going cooking again?


Now now.