Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


No the itinerant is doing the cooking for him


Fucking hell she’s rough :laughing:


She is that. Chrisht.


Is that your sister?


Go way ye frauds, every one of ye would empty the bag inside in her


Some smell of campfire off her all the same.


@buffegan give her one for me mate. You sick puppy


What a start to 2018 for Buff all the same. A meal, his hole and a ride in a caravan, unrale.


Hopefully this will lead to a reconciliation between buff and North Kerry


Buff will bury the baldy man in Tralee


Id have no problem getting up on her


I’d say your next ride would be your first


The problem would be all hers you horrible little scrote.


It would not


Fuck off you rodent


I don’t have a sister mate


Going by that story today all I can see is that there’s a savage obesity problem in Tralee, particularly with the females


Muff Egan.


Was Buff’s quaire one putting butter into the pasta?


No update from Buff he must be balls deep in pikey pussy