Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


Thats what it looked like


Thats an ex girlfriend of @ChocolateMice


Buff hasn’t been heard tell of since that feed. He’s probably still buried balls deep in the tinkers daughter.



was the tinker wan in the background of his earlier story during the day holding a child?


She had at least two children with her


By God.


she probably thought all her problems were solved seeing this media guy and she could squeeze a few pound out of him. she’ll get an awful shock when she finds out he is a stupid sheep farmer that goes to Antrim to watch junior hurling games.


Buff is sitting on a small fortune.


you’d know he wasnt a true Kerry man, sitting on a small fortune and he doesnt even know it.


Or not letting on. Cute like a fox is Buff. Watch this space.


That never happened


We’ll have the last laugh here, mark my words.


@WD40 will you down to bull ring there and see is @buffegan alright


She sounded like she was from Limerick i thought.


Traveller and Limerick accents are very similar


By God yer wan was fair rough.Here’s the spaghetti in question


Buff is a satanic devil worshiper.


Buff has some stamina lads, still hasn’t emerged :clap:


Odds are she robbed his phone.