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A great honour for Buff to be invited into the Midlands 103 FM commentary box at half time to chat about the game.

I love GAA sayings and terminology. A load of Offaly roasters sitting around Buff are aggressively roaring “put it up, put it up” any time one of their players shoots for a point.




A fantastic phrase.

I’m also fond of “that’s the job for him” after any big physical challenge is put in.


It has to be really guttural.


Lads hes back off down to kerry :joy:


Buff is limiting himself to 2 slices of bread a day as part of his new diet :rofl:


The ability to cover two to five words in a meaningless sluhhhhrrrrrrr in the middle of the sentence is key here

e.g.: “P’urrrrrhrrrrrr up!”


Buff had some absolute simpleton behind him at the Offaly game yesterday.
All joking aside Buff offers a great service, no better way to follow the hurling today


Buff gave an absolute Tour De France in covering the Walsh cup final yesterday. Only catching up on it now and it was epic stuff. How The Sunday Game haven’t come to some arrangement with him to cover a lesser game each weekend is beyond me.


Agreed - great service yesterday. Looked a cracking game. Cody being sent to the stands was comical.


Watched it now. He did a great job.

Highlights were capturing the kilkenny accented yokel who was exhorting all the players to get in the row and the wexford player who laid out a kilkenny back after the wexford goal.


Cody getting sent off was gas.

He’d no intention of budging until the ref opened the gate to the stand to usher him away.


The fucking ignoramus thought he was above the rules again


I appreciated having buff for yesterday. All in lads the fans were shouting when the row broke out. Great footage of Cody too. RTÉ wouldn’t dare show it. Petty from the ref though anyone would think he had a score to settle!


He’s a disgrace. This same simpleton couldn’t keep reigns on Junior B hurling games in West Tipperary 4 years ago.
He is universally known as a useless cunt in West Tipp circles.


Cody is seething. Davy and Wexford have got to him. Who is the Wexford player he is having a pop at here?

From The Indo.

Kilkenny boss Brian Cody was sent to the stands during yesterday’s Walsh Cup final defeat to Wexford following an incident that resulted in Richie Reid being red-carded.

A pulsating, and often ill-tempered game, ended 1-24 apiece after extra-time and the tie was decided by a free-taking contest which Davy Fitzgerald’s side shaded 3-2.

Cody was incensed after the game with the incident that led to Reid’s dismissal for interfering with an opponent’s helmet and accused Wexford of gamesmanship.

He was sent to the stands for remonstrating with the linesman after the dismissal.

“One of players got sent off and I merely said to the linesman that he was being mauled and dragged, which he was, and then he said. ‘I’ll put you off the field’ and I said, ‘You won’t put me out of the field’,” he told reporters.

"Then he put up his flag and somebody else may have roared something. That’s as much as I said. That’s the way it went.

The same thing happened last year in a game where a fella was sent off for supposedly pulling the helmet off a player which then they said later on he didn’t do at all. Very disappointing when a player starts roaring and bawling about his helmet and showing his helmet to everybody and a player is sent off completely in the wrong."


So the ref was from West Tipp, sure it all makes sense now


The Tipperary part is irevelant, the man is a simpleton.


Fact. He wasn’t even getting senior games in West Tipp because he was so bad a few years ago.


I thought he’d a great game yesterday and made a few good calls.