Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


This is peak Buff time. His updates of non televised games be it club, preseason, intercontinental underage games or lower tier intercontinental games that people wouldn’t see more than 30 seconds of otherwise is really his unique selling point.

To another spring and early summer of Buff



He did a smashing job yesterday. Between Buff and @gaamad1996 the next generation of GAA broadcasters is encouraging


Poor aul Buff after travelling from Thomastown to Newvridge and the game is called off.


by god i did some brilliant reporting this weekend. still no sign of the tinker from tralee since she fucked me over


She fucked you :flushed::see_no_evil:


she treated me like dirt the smelly tinker


A fine ‘Laois’ man


Worst ref I played under. More often than not someone was sent off when he was in charge. Nepotism of the highest order that he is doing such games.

He’s in Laois since last year. He’ll have plenty opportunity to send lads off there.

His umpires from Tipp used be gas men. He reffed a few minor all Ireland semis the last few years. The lads had everyone told to put money down that Hawkeye would be used at some point in the game. It was usually evens or something around that mark. They usually called for Hawkeye to be used in the 1st ten minutes of the game for an obvious score. The bet was taken off the market pretty quick.


Buff is broke lads


Ah he’s back angling for a complimentary car again!!


And he snapping the card because he knew it’d be rejected :sweat_smile: Definite whiff of give me some free stuff about it.
I’m surprised no one has gone in for sponsoring the buff though. You’d imagine he’d be ready made for AIB or someone


Buff would be a hypocrite now if he started accepting freebies after all his pontificating last year - whinging about how much the page is costing him, nobody asked him to set up the page, go to matches and send Snapchats. It would hardly occur to Buff to get a real job. But I am surprised nobody has sponsored him a motor when you see no mark GAA players being given cars who wouldn’t have near the same profile as Buff


Do you think Sheils of Ennis would be happy to have their name associated with a lad whose biggest claim to fame is shoving his hand down some wans arse in a club.
It would be akin to head and shoulders deciding to give @Bandage a years supply of shampoo and a hair dryer to boot


He’s going around Kenmare town today in just a Clare jersey. That’s fair going for January and is a common occurrence for Buff in winter.


Does the fucker do a tap of work and he been housed, fed and watered by the mother and he crying about been broke and games costing him so much


Sure the weathers always bad in South Kerry. They are well used to it


Imagine being inside in the gym and the fucker roaring into his phone


Broke me backside the thick cunt is forever eating out in Kenmare


He’s broke from eating out sure. You’d think a roaster like buff would be wise enough to bring a few chicken and red sauce sandwiches to the game with him


He’s on a diet - only two slices of bread a day