Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac


Buff has plenty of weathers.Lambs that is.


Plenty of fuckers in these gyms looking at themselves in their phones sending snaps to be fair


thats the way it is gone now


I’d he’d eat whatever they kill at home; live off the land types


He could do worse than pick up the phone to Bernard Brogan


Imagine the poor fucker behind the counter in the shop having to put up with the bullshit snap.


I only know of him what I see in here, but he seems a bit volatile for any brand to risk associating themselves with


Yeah you could never risk it with him, he’s liable to say anything.


He’s on the harmless side of volatile but I can understand why brands are wary of him. He’s not the brightest chap and these thinly veiled plays every few weeks to try to get a sponsored car lack any kind of nuance or sophistication. He’d be better off saying straight out that he wants someone to sponsor him as costs are prohibitive.


Al Hayes would be ideal for him. Him and Damien would get on powerfully good.


I’d say the fella in the shop is just as simple as Buff


I find it funny, does buff think we can’t see through him in wanting freebies?
I enjoy the buff all the same, harmless. He’s been very handy for a few matches where i’d never of seen only read reports.


fuck john sullivans

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John Sullivan’s for me


why that insulting divil?


His easy going demeanor


hes nothing more than a twit


Buff has a bit of a habit of deleting tweets :thinking: