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fuckin muldoons


I’d say Buff abides by the mantra “A women’s (sic) place is in the kitchen”


Making pasta with butter


Jesus i’m a fan of the Buff but imagine him on the Sunday game :rofl:


I saw a clip the other night where he’s commentating on the game while recording it on his phone, is that his shtick? He’d drive you bananas if you were in earshot, not his fault I suppose but his accent is fierce annoying


Yeah, that’s him alright!


This from a cunt from Cork


I’m a long time in Limerick though so I’ve a lovely hybrid accent, you can imagine.


I’d say your pronounciation of “thirty” must be tantalising


This Buff chap is as short as 16/1 to replace Michael Lyster :astonished:


He won’t replace him but he should definitely get a slot on it.


Why should he get a slot? What media education or training or expertise has he? He has found his niche, whooping and hollering into a screen for a bunch of youngsters who go on snappy chats.


They’d have to pre record it and edit it down :rofl: You wouldnt know what Buff could come out with on Live TV


Therein lies the problem. He wouldn’t know the first thing about being a professional broadcaster, and no amount of training will change that.


Imagine if Paddy Power had priced up Rory’s Stories at a shorter price than Buff :rofl:


It would just be a bit of light hearted banter. He’d only be covering second rate games, the likes of a Leinster hurling semi final or something.

What experience had Anna Geary when they gave her a token role?


He edits his own snaps too. You’ll often see him walking around some location as if he is going about his busy day, and then another snap is him walking by the same place. It’d be hilarious watching him going around I’d say. I saw him at a club game at the end of last year and he was constantly roaring into the phone, less than half of it going online. He’d be fierce annoying to sit beside.


Fuckall, but at least she was able to talk to a camera and act somewhat normal. @copper_pipe has a point here - if they were going for humour, they’ll go for someone trying to be intentionally funny such as Rory’s Stories or the Two fucking Johnnies, but I don’t think the state broadcaster will be putting on some harmless muldoon on its flagship Gaelic Games programme for the Irish audience to laugh at, instead of laugh with.


He needed at least a couple of takes to do his piece from the middle of the boxing ring at the fatal Limerick GAA fundraiser. A crowd of lads were roaring at him and interrupting him as the MC was appealing to them. “Come on, lads. Buff has been very good and travelled a long way to support us tonight. Give him a chance here to record his snaps.”