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It’s all shame he’s so simple. He has a following because he is so simple, but it’d be ridiculously easy to make money off what he is doing. A county t shirt with his stupid catch phrases and loads of other simple roasters would snap them up.






It costs about 10 dollars for anyone to go and design a bespoke tshirt on the internet. How many roasters are going to buy that simpletons tshirts to make him rich - a thousand?


He should just enjoy his little bit of fame and not worry about monetising it. He’s a self appointed commentator on a niche sport no one really gives a fuck about. As someone above said, the very fact he is that stupid is adding to his fame, imagine him ehhhing and supposing on the tv, lord.


There is a glaring niche in the Sunday Game slot for Buff to fill…

Poor, over worked Pat McAuliffe needs a helping hand for all those cameo match reports during the camogie season which are stuck in at the end of the show…

What’s not to like…

  • appeals to women.
  • Buff would call out the comedy goal keeping.
  • would make the camogie highlights reel somewhat bearable.
  • he might get the ride.


:thinking: would want to be a fine bad teacher couldnt traim a fella to talk into the camera


It’s not learning how to do a profit and loss account ffs sake.

You either can do it or you can’t. There are very few people suited to live television. Many people have transferred over from other media, and done shocking on tv.


:thinking: so you can train someone to be a brain surgeon but not to talk into a camera? I think you’ve been brainwashed by the magic of TV pal


I think hes definitely overplaying what it takes to be any degree of success on Irish TV anyway.


Buff isn’t your average person in terms of intellect


All the hurling analysts on the sunsay game are inbred yahoo’s, Buff would fit right in.


cc @myboyblue

How we will laugh when the true story emerges.


I’m already laughing bro


It must be killing MBB and Harry that no one gives a fuck about their big story.


This is eating you up inside.


I was just thinking the same thing :rofl:


Nearly 6 months now trying and failing to get a bite.


Vindication will be glorious.