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I picked the nephew up from piano tonight as his mother was busy. He was saying that some note he was trying to play was humanly impossible. I said whys that is it because you’d need 12 inch fingers to reach the keys and he says yes and he says I have huge hands. I did a twee " he have hands like shovels " spiel and the nephew says to me did you ever hear of Buff Egan. Your man, who has no interest at all in hurling follows him on snapchat just for the bantz. I’d say Buff could breakthrough into the mainstream.


One day a man walks into a bar and to his amazement, he finds a tiny person playing a tiny
piano. Stunned the man asked the bartender where he got this amazing person. The
bartender replied that inside the closet there is a genie that will grant him a single wish.

The man dashed into the the closet and as the bartender said, there was a genie inside.
Without hesitation the man wished for a million bucks, but instead 1 million ducks
instantly appeared. Infuriated the man stormed to the bartender and screamed
"I think your genie is hard of hearing, I asked for a million bucks but instead I got a million ducks."

The bartender shook his head and replied, “You’re telling me… Do you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?”



does he feel any cold


No need for a coat when the town is lit


He’s still partying in Kanturk.


Ard Scoil beat Middleton by 3-18 to 2-10 in the Harty Cup final today. I was wondering if Buff knew lots more than me about schools hurling before the match when he predicted a 5pt win for Middleton. Its fair to say that was a bad statement by him.


His enthusiam often trumps his knowledge.


I think it was his biasedness too. He doesn’t like Limerick hurling and I notice he weirdly has a fondness for Cork hurling, being a Kerry man. He followed the Kanturk junior team with great relish to every Outpost their campaign carried them to.


He hates Limerick. As he said himself ‘Limerick is not a buff egan stronghold’

he followed kanturk like they were his own.


Intermediate (now senior) pal :ok_hand: capiche


Galway could Win the Double, in Football and hurling this year. Their Footballers could Rattle Dublin


The new Snapchat has finished Buff.


The new snapchat has finished Snapchat


Buff is not a fan of Free Staters




Just went to look at the replys and the post buff has the post deleted.


Buff has upgraded to a 05 Ford Focus


He’s still deleting tweets anyway :sweat_smile: