Buff Egan -Sifting and drifting since 2'17..sponsored by @Mac

:rollseyes: don’t be a cynic the buff Makes his money off sheep.

This guy is a complete and utter Buffoon. Fucking hell the apes on his page looking for a bit of a like from him are the saddest most desperate souls in the country. I see him endorsing playing badly injured players 2or3 times a week now. Fucking knitwit.


Who is this cunt and what’s his claim to fame? ?@Rintintin

Never heard of him. Give us a flavour of what he does.

He’s a sheep farmer from Kerry that is obsessed with ric flair, Celtic football club and hurling. On regular basis he absolutely destroys the likes of Rory stories and other such simpletons.


You’ve got this horribly wrong Rintin. The man is a legend.

He also winds up the league of Ireland fans no end.

Is he not from Clare+

No Kerry.

Why does he support Clare?

I think His mother is from there.

That’s the least disturbing aspect of his character, which is saying something


As a thoroughbred roaster, Clare is his ancestral home

It was the hurling county closest to his home in North Kerry.


He is from Kilgarvan. As southerly a part of Kerry as there is .

Even worse so.

He is an utter simpleton. There is only one thing worse than having both Kerry and Clare blood in you and thats being from Fingal?

Ah I presume the lad is a bit special needs and that people on the page are humouring him in a nice but slightly patronising manner. He loves the RA though

Buff is worth 50 of you

Sure that doesn’t even make sense. Are you Buff?