Bundesliga Thread

Do they get ownership of Schalke as a prize?

The kid is back in the picture


He rolled it to Reus

His last assist in the Bundesliga was to Reuss, a lovely symmetry that his first is the same.

Ralf Rangnick on working with Jadon Sancho: “In the six months I had him, there wasn’t a single discipline problem. On the contrary, he is a calm and pleasant guy”

I wonder who the problem is so?

Ten Fags?

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There’s only been one so far with the kid

Sancho would be a great signing for someone like United

Leverkusen leading Bayern 2-0 in the top of the table clash. They’ll move 5 points clear with a win.

The Harry Kane effect

Frustrated London GIF by Tottenham Hotspur

That leverkusen kit is lovely.

Xabi lad doing a fine interview for the big job

He needs to win that and head off into the sunset. If he doesn’t get this over the line though it’s not a good look

Bayern will move for him soon, you’d imagine. Tuchel won’t be there much longer.

3-0 Leverkusen

I know its an open goal but still amazing set up and finish by Frimpong.

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It could only happen to Kane that the season he moves to Bayern they dont win the bundesliga

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And Eric Dier.

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I didnt even know he was there until yesterday. With himmself and upamecano in defence its no wonder theyre struggling