Burqa clad

Hello whilst shopping in Lidl kinsale last Monday evening for the first time in any shop in Ireland came face in with a burqa clad person, didn’t know if it was m/ f ,what was underneath all the bulky black gear etc,to say I felt apprehensive is an understatement,I was uncomfortable at the bare minimum,yes in London 20 yrs ago no shortage of these sights but fuck me it stopped me in my tracks,mind went into overdrive,left the shop asap, contacted Lidl , awaiting response

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I’m not sure if this is a pisstake or genuine, but you ran out of a shop and contacted lidl because someone was wearing a Burka? And you are expecting them to give you a response?


Holy fuck some of the weirdos on TFK.

Can you post up a copy of your e-mail to Lidl? Did it say “Help! Muslim!”

I was in Tesco two days ago and this one walked in with her pyjamas. I didn’t know what to make of it as it was 2pm and outdoors in public. I was informed by David the manager that it is her culture and they have to allow it.


Piss take. Poor effort. Must try harder.

I was going to work last week and there was a young chap, only about 19 or 20, handing out Fianna Fáil paraphernalia outside the DART station. Stopped me in my tracks before I got to the platform beside the tracks. Contacted Irish Rail. Still waiting on a response.


Hopefully Lidl can sort this out for you ASAP

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I saw dozens of people wearing head to toe garments when I was back home last year. What rock have you been living under?

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You posted about this same issue with your @anon61878697 handle.

Please stop spamming the forum with your ignorant bigotry.


Please put us out if our misery and tell us it’s a pisstake, hard to tell sometimes

Awful attempt. He’s really lost his love for it

I doubt its a pisstake considering the lad that posted it

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If this is real I can see it going viral on the Journal.ie or some such shite.

There’s a dekudekustan version of tfk where one can read accounts of lads going to the market only to be stopped in their tracks by the sight of wimmin not wearing burkas.
They generally conclude with tales ofacid throwing, stoning etc.

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I’d be fairly sure it’s a pisstake considering the lad that posted it. He’s the poorest attempt at a wum since @Beautiful_City

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Another one of chocos appalling attempts. The market really has dried up for the thick parochial cork bastard type character


As I drove slowly over Shannon Bridge in Limerick recently I saw three women with burqas standing on the footpath. Two hefty ones were looking in over the railings, a third slimmer and obviously younger girl was looking at oncoming traffic. As I passed, I gave her a wink. To my surprise and despite the fact that I could only see her eyes, it was obvious that a big smile spread across her face. End of story…

This little story demonstrates that the women under the burqas are indeed human after all. They may even have a sense of humour. Believe it or not…

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Winking at strangers? You fucking pervert.

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Spoiler that FFS…

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I’ll accept deviant, but pervert is a bit strong.