Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


If he ever was a flush- Marty mawkish morrisey.


A disgrace


On the drive home the fatherin law insisted on radio one and I was inflicted with the Marty party or Marty posse. I’ll never forgive him


Grounds for divorce


Justifiable homicide


The polack s&c “guru”


Yeah. Tough enough year with the replays but they shouldn’t have been caught in those situations. Looked weary today.


The Davy Fitz of s&c .
A 1 year wonder


Ah hold on now, that team is on the go years, they had to play 8 games and fair enough were spent. Tipp are on the go a similar timeframe and couldn’t raise a gallop this year. Going to replays fucked them today.


Red bull joe


Tipp are on the go longer and ye’re not getting Tony Óg back either.


I think Limerick played 8 games this year too.


And we didn’t have to play against tap ins like Offaly and Wexford either.


It’s gas the excuses they are coming up with. They can’t admit they were beaten by a better team.


I think Wexford are the only 1A or 1B county John Kiely’s Limerick haven’t beaten in league or championship*.

*including free taking competitions.


That’s because we’re a summer team. Not winter mullockers.


What a bottle job.


Big time


He was found wanting. A show pony.


one of the biggest bottle jobs in sport