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Galway were beaten by the better team on the day, Limerick fully deserved their victory.

We still have 2017 though and four AI wins in my lifetime, unlike your crowd of badge kissing tog shitters.


Tog shitters


Waterford have never been the best team in the country since 1959, never in the top 2, they can’t be tog shitters


They were the best team in the country several years from the late 90s to the late 00s, always filled their togs when it came to the crunch.




wtf does that mean? Galway shat their togs so naturally the opposition were better on the day




Galway didn’t shit their togs you halfwit. We had three defenders carrying serious injuries but still put their bodies on the line for the cause, like the heroes they are. They were never going to give up their title easily, as the one point final margin demonstrates.

Tog shitters are the likes of Waterford in 2008 who acted like hard men before the throw in and then proceeded to get an ass whipping.


Not a chance, Waterford have never been truly deserving of an All Ireland in my lifetime, I would never have begrudged them one and they’ve had plenty of deserving medalists, but no way were they ever number 1


they were 8/15 to win and they lost,shameful
when they started playing they were way better than Limerick

In a real professional sport those players would be sacked for the bottlejob


I’m struggling to recall a more heroic effort from a losing All Ireland finalist in the face of such adversity.


Stick to tennis mate.


odds on shots losing is heroic?
Bottling an easy free to draw is heroic?


Hanbury put his body on the line. :grinning:.

Did you even see the game.


Bookies! @The_Selfish_Giant now reduced to relying on the views of the likes of Paddy Power or Leon Blanche from Boylesports on hurling matters.


@GeoffreyBoycott 19/8/18 “Delighed that they won it for JP, one of the modern day Irish greats”
@GeoffreyBoycott 20/8/18 " Relying on what gamblers think is kray kray"


You truly are the most bitter cunt on this site. I hope you never see an AI victory and would be fairly confident you won’t.


An easy free :joy: You truly are an idiot.

Anyone who thought Galway were heavy favorites is also an idiot, it was always a 50:50 game like most AI finals, and as the one point winning margin confirms.


very easy free in fairness - some miss


I’m sure you’d knock it over in your sleep.