Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


Cheers bucko. I hope that little bit of lashing out made you feel a little better.


if I played stick hurling everyday since I was kid, I would


Yesterday’s odds fairly representative of odds for defending All Ireland Champions. I’m struggling to think of a defending All Ireland champion that the bookies didn’t have as favourites. The reality is that in the last 14 Hurling finals involving the defending champion, 7 have seen the reigning champion dethroned in the final. All Ireland Hurling Final is a 50/50 shot for defending champion.


To read @labane1917 lashing out at @Fagan_ODowd is utterly appalling. Bad enough him intruding on the showpiece of Irish sport like Nigel Farage intervening in an election outside the UK, but this written attack is deplorable and will be condemned by all right thinking Galway supporters.


Lashing out is the TFK way.Leave him be.He’ll move on to the limerick boys shortly.


I have the utmost respect for Limerick people and the great majority of Limerick TFK posters. Please don’t confuse that with putting bitter wankers from the southeast back into their empty trophy box.


You’ve been licking their holes for nearly 24hrs now,thats enough.Time for you to start windmilling.


real hurling men, in defeat or victory, that ancient bond that defines us as Gaels etc etc etc :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


I think the jet lag has caught up with @labane1917 pal




Ye thought ye only had to turn up yesterday. Typical Galway cockiness.


Supermacs Guy choked like a chicken coming out of their poultry farm.


Has Skehill been mentioned?


The riverdance of Oireland.


Galway revival coincided within his forced withdrawal.



Poor effort mate, we have about as much reason to be cocky as yourselves. `


That’s right thinking Galway supporters, as opposed to right wing thinking Galway supporters.


The online cockiness of their supporters seeped through to the players and it ultimately cost them the game


A learning point


Now we’re getting somewhere.Galway were cocky.