Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


at last , the mask is beginning to slip

Galway were arrogant ,agreed


You’d have to be fairly cocky to start lads that are injured and leave them on for an hour


There was an incredible air of arrogance in Galway about this final. The team and horrible bandwagon supporters thought they only had to turn up to win.

I could see this for myself as I took my seat in Croke Park yesterday for my first and last inter-county hurling game this year.


20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing


Personally, I think they were a bad wide away from one last year.


Waterford under Derek McGrath were enemies of hurling


Nah, that’s Brian cody.


Cork U21s.


Frank Murphy will get it in the neck over this one.


The Pope


Roman Ambramovich


Have the Home Office given Abramovich a new visa yet to let him back into the UK?


Sean dyke


An old lesbian?


New Zealand rugby



Couldn’t handle the pressure of TFK.


Beauden Barrett.


Tyrone Club footballl


Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan.


Saw a picture of Sean Kavanagh on a whatsapp group after Moy v Edendork. Jesus christ you’d want your head examined to play football in that county. 20 yellows, 6 reds and apparently the lad that did Kavanagh got no card.