Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy




Conor mcgregor be here in 3 weeks time.


I just saw that now. Fucking animals


Is there a more dangerous sport than gaelic football? Kavanagh revealed to Matt Cooper the other night that he suffered 4 to 6 concussions a year during his career.


Self diagnosed?


Sean Dyke


He’d a fire in his office aswell. Sounds accident prone if you ask me.


Sounds like it. I do recall this furore a few years ago. Gaelic football has no regard for player welfare. Their so called return to play protocols ring very hollow.


I remember him lying down in casement Park about a decade or so ago. He was barely touched and rolled around to get a man sent off. How’s harte supposed to know if he’s injured or not


Harte put out the hit on him. Spent the duararion of the game in the local church praying for forgiveness. Due to Cavanaghs house any minute now to lead the novena.


Was it an accidental fire or was foul play suspected?


Accidental. Like the one in Castlereagh barracks maybe


Strange breed up there…


Bunch of weirdos


You’re joking but this wouldn’t even surprise me.


God help her. But I think she needs to move on. Another documentary this evening - Maria sitting on a park bench etc etc. Not that I’m saying etc etc


John Halligan.


He’s giving a Tour de France here.


All his guff here but he is still taking his Minister Of State gig.


He’s a bag of shite.