Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


Your just jealous, I drive you mad. Il continue to do so.


He’s a real special project




St Vincent’s GAA


The Tramp Connolly




Doon GAA’s lip sync fundraiser


Limerick GAA now organising their showpiece club game around a social occasion. Tis all over for them. We knew they would succumb to the show bidness


If Doon asked for the night to be free at the start of the year they have every right for it to be granted. Thems the rules


Cant bate the oul GAA. Shuffling around trying to squeeze in the county final and a lip synch at the end of October :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Dance puppet, dance.


In fairness he’s probably a bit down after yesterday’s poor show from his beloved Exeter.




The All Blacks.

When New Zealand scored only 9 points against Ireland on Saturday it marked the first time an All Blacks side have failed to crack a double figure score since the 2011 World Cup final, bringing to an end a run of 94 test matches.


Ewan MacKenna


I think I heard that it was also the first time since 1998 they’ve failed to score a try in a match




Go on Geoff


Just insane stats.


I was going to give that a like but then I remembered that Ewan has been talking shite all year, no busted flush.