Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


The managerial career of Ryan Giggs.


And to think that he believed the United job was his by right.


He couldn’t manage to stay away from his brother’s Mrs .


Joint top goalscorer in this seasons EPL with 12 goals. Well on track to surpass Jimmy Greaves and become the first Spurs player to score 20 league goals in five consecutive seasons.


He’s finished.


Jurgen Klopp. Disaster of a manager.


Liverpool supporters were utterly deluded to think he’d improve them.


Madness appointing a manager with his record.


Taz has lost the plot here. He thinks that it is the middle of May.


A club and supporters irredeemably stuck in the past.

Embarrassing stuff.


The murderers win today?


I don’t know who you mean but Liverpool won today.


The murderers won and you are giddy, let me guess, you arent even from England?


Change the story, its getting boring.


I will call you out as long as you claim to support liverpool


Seems to be an Eire soccer type thing not to follow your local team. When you were following the scummy soccer weren’t you following Shamrock Rovers from Ringsend/Tallaght, even though you’re from far off Fingal?


You follow Spurs despite the fact you are from Preston.


Yes, they are the only team from dublin since drums went bust


Ooooft :smile:


Wrong again there. I’m North London born and bred.