Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


Does the audit trail back that up



So Geoffrey Bullshit has put his foot in it again?


You’re not even on the forum a year kid. Your Boxing Day trawl of old posts which long pre-dated your time here seems to have missed the following post.


That contradicts your earlier post, so which one were you lying in? Both?


Got to work harder on your audit skills.


You were born in North London but refer to Preston North End as your home town team?

Strange, it looks for all intents and purposes as if your bullshit has caught you out. The audit trail is certainly no friend of yours, more of a sworn enemy.


Says the Italian from Tyrone :joy:


I’m Italian.


He’s from Armagh but supports Tyrone.


Either way, British.


I lived in Preston long before it achieved city status in 2002. Preston is the only town I’ve ever lived in. London, Chicago and Dublin are all cities.


How did your daddy end up playing hurling for Carlow so?


@GeoffreyBoycott, you keep making a fool of us when you cant remember your lies




@GeoffreyBoycott , say you have a bad tummy, go offline for a while


I hope he’s gone looking for his dog and not his wife.


Will you sad cunts ever stop spamming the board with this shit?
Maybe a few rebrands might help.


Aren’t Bohemians, Shelbourne and Home Farm all from north of the Liffey? Seems odd for someone from Fingal to have followed Shamrock Rovers. You’re a rugby man now anyway so you’ve left all that scummy soccer carry on behind you.




So, a Tan like Geoffrey (wife beater) Boycunt.