Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


Will you let me in on this please? Why are Rovers the only Dublin team?


Shels and bohs wernt formed by dubs, pats are a suberb specific team


Lovely, we’ve resorted to repeatedly calling the poster @GeoffreyBoycott a wife beater again, shocking stuff


Why dont you ask him to change his username?


It’s shocking that he beats women but you’ve never condemned him for that.


Incorrect Smithers.

Why does a Northsider follow the Shams? Would you not support your local team, thought you were big into that sort of thing?


@GeoffreyBoycott is some man to attract the bullyboys. He has a a few of them circling him here and you can tell he has them frothing at the mouth and that he has dominated their stephens day.
Iv a great admiration for the man.


Always keeps his composure despite the vultures barbs


Composure? He lost it when his own lies befuddled him, the audit trail called him out on it.


It’s admirable how he never rises to the disgraceful repeated assertions that he beats his wife, absolute bottom of the barrel stuff but its all you have in response


Not many men could stay that calm faced with the dreaded ‘scummy soccer audit trail’


You just called a wife beater admirable. Wow, a new low for Superdad.


Why dont you ask him to change his username?


Fucking hell, i never thought Liverpool being top of the league that it would cause some to have nervous breakdowns, or maybe it is the combination of Liverpool being first and Spurs second that has caused these break downs.


Liverpool first and second?


Taz seems to think it is May already, he has lost the run of himself.


Lads are very strange to be doing audits at this time of year… They must not get on with their families or are fierce losers




Beaten dockets when all they can resort to is personal abuse. Here’s the latest offering from the Pretend Italian after the latest clamping administered to him.


You’re not addressing the concerns that have arisen from mild probing of your own personal disclosures. You seem extremely confused and tetchy about this but I think we deserve some answers from you. The skeletons in your closet need to be addressed.