Busted Flushes featuring Liam Sheedy


Draft dodger???


that’s personal abuse right there. Are you a beaten docket?


Yep, the Italian scallian being a good subject of HM QE II has rightly pointed that the real boycott’s descendant did not go and fight for king and country


Probably to replace holocaust deniers


Nina Cried Power. Sub Coldplay shite of the highest order. Media darling though so expect to have to endure the cunt for another few years.


He has always been shit.


Caroline Downey will see to that.


True but that latest “song” is completely phoning it in.


Yer man Sarri at Chelsea


Dublin Senior footballers


Who’s Sarri now?


Is it too late now to say Sarri?


John sexton


BOD was on OTB last night saying Sexton was a stupid cunt for leaving himself open to these hits all the time.


wasn’t BOD concussed more times than a bad boxer?


They all have inherent deviant tendencies but Sexton seems to go that bit farther and has a problematic fetish for getting smashed up.


I think he’s just too thick to get out the way. You couldn’t teach him to take his hand off a hot engine I’d say


You had to be taught to take your hand off things that would burn you?


The Bundesliga


Gordon elliot