Busted Flushes


As soon as they returned, the same shit over and over.


the ELC are a busted flush whoever and whatever they are, deary me. isent that a name you fellas came up with, whatever its about fuck knows? :smile: you couldnt make it up.

ill tell you what folks, use the report button. tell the bossman you are not happy. alternatively post something interesting. if enough of you can do that you’ll have no time to get wound up over something you invented yourself. jesus christ you couldnt make this up.


yep, we are over it, everyone is but poor old HBV still on here whining, cant he see we have all moved on. At least tassotti had the gumption to rebrand


He had to, only a spineless cunt would come crawling back after getting banned like that.


Chris Evans







You may yet be editing your post


Completely tongue in cheek, that man will never be a busted flush :wink:




Stick to your fish suppers


You’re an awful boring man, no offence


Fucking hell, you’re some sad cunt following me around.
Sorry @the_man_himself you could be right, I’m a fairly normal fella really. what I post here seems to be subject to an awful lot of scrutiny.


Following you? You posted an image of Cody before the final whistle you stupid cunt.


Ya, it was clearly a fucking joke. as usual you’ve tried to make me look a cunt like the prick you are, I can guarantee you’ll dissect all my posts for similar opportunities, hence you are a sad cunt.


No you are the sad cunt, if WD won would you be claiming the joke? Jog on.


The stake was not driven through the heart.


Right, because I’d look like a really clever lad to be claiming that the best manager in the history of the game is a busted flush for narrowly losing a semi final after the record he has.
You are either a stupid cunt or a wannabe Internet bully, either way it’s not good for you. Just try to have a bit of fun and stop being a dickhead whenever you read a post of mine.


Stop posting shite with your ‘’ please like me tone ‘’ then.