Busted Flushes



coming from the biggest brown noser on TFK that’s actually quite funny, you couldn’t make it up etc :joy:


Good one. You really are a top top top poster.


Leicester City.


Irish boxing


Tipperary hurling.



:grinning: I’ll ring you tomorrow pal.


Work number :+1:


Will you pm.it. Not sure I have it. Does it begin 08?


Zaur Antia.

We need to get Kenny Egan in to run the show.


Petr Cech


Has been for a long time, he had to leave a big club to get a game at a lesser club.


Joe Canning.


Fr Trendy


If poor auld joe was born in killkenny he’d probably be heading into double figures for All Irelands medals and be regarded as the GOAT


Like Tommy Walsh, Cody wouldn’t have been long getting him into his best position either


Shane Ross. Since becoming a minister he has been a disaster. The latest was the IOC telling him to fuck off about this ticket touting shit.


in all fairness ross was never a flush in the first place


Ah now he managed to bluff his way into a ministerial seat.