Busted Flushes


Check mate


Check what? I’ve checked already and never heard that name before


@The_Selfish_Giant has mugged off another one here.


Dancing to his merry tune


You’d think it gets old, but my word, they keep merrily trotting into his lil trap.


You think he does it just to get to people? He does it for the 2 or 3 ‘dancing to his merry seething muldoons done it again etc etc etc’ that usually follow.
Validation is king on teh internets.


One doesn’t happen without the other brah.


@Mac and his idiotic alter ego @JonSnow


You’re back here about 3 days and you’ve tagged me about 5-6 times every day. That’s a fairly unhealthy fascination


I’m going to start reporting him every time he tags you. I advise you to do the same.


tag this you rat


David Moyes


The winner of the league will come from the Liverpool v Sunderland game on November 26th.



Sunderland are still on target for 92 points this season.


A good win tomorrow night will have Jose back in this thread


Cam Newton.


Pep Guardiola


Jose looking more like a cross between a beaten docket and a busted flush.


The Munster team of 1978 - Alone It No Longer Stands