Busted Flushes


I’ve gotten an “out of love” badge.
Still though it’s another badge, better than nothing I suppose.


Look at the bright side. You could have got a " higher love" one.


United Airlines top brass.


Character assassination under way now in the media.


He should have gotten off the plane


Why? He bought a ticket?


He had to get home. He had to get home. He had to get home.


He’d have avoided all this mess.




I’m sure the hefty payout he gets will more than compensate for it.


What price a mans dignity, reputation and privacy.


I’m sure if he gets enough money out of it, he’ll find a quiet spot smewhere and in two months time noone will remember his name.


Nothing is worth this mate.


People will always remember, the internet never forgets, nor will his family. He should have gotten off the plane, and saved all this.


Agree 100%.
But in the words if Lady Macbeth

"What’s done is done and cannot be undone. For to go back would be as tedious as to go forward "


Isn’t there a right to be forgotten law now that you can request things be removed from the internet. Not sure how effective it is mind you


Yea but he didn’t. So he has the play the game now. The one thing he has in his advantage is that the airline will be anxious to make this thing go away as quickly as possible.



Would you be bothered? Especially for an instance like this, its gone around the world and back.

“The game”, this is some game alright


I would have gotten off the plane though.