Busted Flushes


So did he actually have patients to see the next day? From those headlines it appears he is surely not still a practising doctor ?


All adding to his payoff.


Oh I’m sure we’ll find out all the gritty details in time. As more and more about the mans life gets dragged into the press. But a few boys here think a few bob makes everything ok, so hey, I’m sure he’ll be grand.


Look . He was hardly thinking “I can make a few bob out of this” before he got fucked out.
and given the fact that he lawyerd up pretty much straight away probably meant he knew that shit was going to come out anyway.
All the better for the wife. If she was aware of all this then she can do the Tammy Wynette on it and stand by her man. If not she’ll get a few bob out of it anyway.
While the Internet may never forget my point is that bar some fucking table quiz somewhere down the road, noone will remember his name in a few weeks.


His clients will remember.

His future employers will remember.

His current employer will remember.

No one said he was thinking he could make money out of it.

All he did was cause inconvenience for himself, and the other passengers.

He should have gotten off the plane.


He should have gotten off the plane.

But he didn’t.


I know, thats what I said from the start.


So he has to live with the consequences and make do as best he can.
By the way he’s 69 years old so maybe he’s just topping up the auld retirement fund😜


I’m only coming to this story now but he was in a seat that they had allocated to him originally and he refused to get out of it so that they could give it to someone else?

Is that exactly what happened before they tried to drag him out and beat the head off him?


Look buddy, your car was upside-down when I got here. And as for your grandmother, she shouldn’t have mouthed off like that.


To United Airlines staff. Insane stuff.


They overbooked.

Looked for volunteers to get a later flight.

No volunteers.

They then selected people to remove from the flight.

He refused.

Shit got real.

Since turned out the seats were for their own staff.

Look, he was well within his rights to do what he did. But he still should have gotten off the plane when shit kicked off. Lifes too short to be getting messed up over a few hours in an airport, for which he’d have been compensated anyway. Who needs that shit.


I’d agree, but he obviously has mental health issues, evidenced really by his behaviour at the time as much as anything. A normal person wouldn’t have had to be dragged off the flight as, however unfair the treatment, it just wouldn’t have been worth it. The guards should have realised this and left him be.
I can see punitive damages here running to tens of Millions, and it serves the airline right for overbooking, which is a scurrilous practice.


Would you have given up your seat if that happened? The normal protocol is for airlines to ask for volunteers to give up their seat in return for compensation.

I can’t imagine that in any scenario he imagined that it would play out as it did, and don’t believe anybody else would have acted differently when they were in the seat already.

United have played this very badly, they be open to suit from others that claim to have experience trauma as a result of witnessing it as well.


You are completely wrong. Strangers won’t remember, but anyone within his circle of contacts or associations will remember forever.


I wouldn’t have volunteered, not unless I had fuck all else to be doing for a few hours.

Once selected however, it would be my feeling as to why bother inconveniencing everyone else? Get off the plane, get compensated, and move on with life.

He still should have gotten off the plane.

The airline were cunts. That goes without saying. But he still should have gotten off the plane.


Maybe he had to be home by a certain time, had an appointment to make.

All you normally get as compensation is a drink and meal and $50 or so. Paltry compensation for losing eight hours of your life.


Evidence posted here suggested there was a 4 figure sum paid to him in a similar situation.

We all have places to be, I’m sure the other passengers had places to be too, but the group were inconvenienced for the individual.

The airline were wrong.

But he should still have gotten off the plane.


This is the very reason why I can’t see it going any further. A settlement will be made.
United share price dropped 3% overnight.
Cheque will be written. Apology made. Probably some kind of confidentiality clause.
I give it a month tops and it’ll be forgotten about.
The man is hardly going to run for fucking president so allegationa about his private lufe is something that he is going to have to square off with his nearest and dearest


How do you know they were not already aware?