Busted Flushes



you aren’t from an aviation background so you don’t get it but on a plane you don’t refuse a request


Is that how you got your wife?


I used to work for an aviation company.


by refusing a request on an airplane?


at Donegal International Airport



No such place exists

I used to work for one in New York.




you have never been outside Ireland in your life


I have lived in The USA, The Netherlands and Australia.

I have also visited South East Asia, India, East Africa and most of Europe.


Looks like the smear campaign may have got this guy mixed up with another guy.



Ah lads, Dave Dao will be a billionaire by the time this is over.


Ah jaysus. This is fucking brilliant.


Quality. He definitely shouldn’t have got off the plane. Any chance the other weirdo can sue as well now?


The flight wasn’t overbooked, the employees were comped seats to a fully booked flight.


most flights are overbooked mate


Thanh duc for that.



please confirm


Massive compo coming his way - that’ll be the Dao.


Looks like @tazdedub is the one spreading lies.
That Claire Connelly lady has deleted her tweet.