Busted Flushes


Ya, Campbell delivered a few home truths and ‘Paulie’ didn’t like what he was hearing.
Listen mate, you didn’t say he was unlikeable or seething, you said he was ‘utterly evil’, this is what I am questioning now, genuinely now because I don’t know a huge amount about him.


Himself and Blair sent the Uk to war in Iraq.


I said he was seething regards the election result . His role in Iraq war was evil .


awww soupy mcquisling all upset because of British imperialism in Iraq yet he stands meekly by about the British imperialism in his own country


We both do fuck all about British imperialism in our country . The difference is I don’t pretend to at a keyboard . The provies wouldn’t even let you sell An Phoblacht


Ah grand, he started the war in Iraq,
I thought you were serious for a minute.


Kilkenny hurling


Jurgen Klopp after letting that shower of shite beat him at the weekend.


He’ll make up for it in Kiev

Cc @balbec


Davy Fitz and his over hyped winter hurlers.


John likely and his over hyped winter hurlers.


Limerick are playing a slick passing game that is only going to get better as the summer goes on.


Up your game son.


Similar to Clare in 13. I thought they looked very good in the qf , much the better team despite the scoreboard.


Still fishing I see.


Posters who were vehemently anti rugby now scrambling around looking for bites mockia rugby fans. Desperate for attention. Like a puppy locked inside a small apartment on their own all day scratching at the door.



Lee Chin




He might need a job sooner than he thinks