Busted Flushes


That’s “professional hurler Lee Chin” to you.


Galway footballers


Dont think so.


Pep daffodil


Be grand pal


It’a like winning Munster and losing the All Ireland. Ffs Leicester won the Premier League. The business end is the European Cup. Pep must be seething at having to make do with a domestic honor, same as B Rodgers


It’ll come in time. City are a club lacking in history, this cant be forgotten. A couple hundred million extra spend over the coming decade should see it through. Its a matter of time, not if.


Dublin GAA


Cork city


Brasilian football


The uk


Jose Mourinho, obviously he has his own thread but the cunt has Fellaini and Lukaku, “world class” players now, and he has done nothing with them.


Surrounded by dross tbf.


He finished 2nd in the most competitive league in the world. Klopp had countinho, salah, firmino, Mane and he was lucky to make top 4.


Lovren, Karius, TAA , Matip :smile:


Roberto Martinez




He’s done a fairly good job there I think. To be a busted flush you have to have been good at some point also


His reputation is enhanced simply by beating Brazil, they would never have been expected to outplay France, he could easily have taken them all the way


Coach Southgate