Busted Flushes


Harry “Franco” Maguire :smile:


He was heroic tonight .he was let down by two Pep coached duds .


He was fixing his hair while Mandzukic was stealing a crucial yard in the box for the winner.


“Sir” Harry Kane


Stones should have attacked that ball .


I’m not sure you know what a busted flush is mate


a promising person or thing that turns out to be unsuccessful*



Yes, you used it last night for Roberto Martinez who enhanced his reputation in this tournament after being deemed a busted flush while at Everton and tonight for Southgate who was a nobody who got England to a World Cup semi final


You just don’t get it fella.


And Harry kane. Lads saying he’s failing. On circa 300k per week for playing football.
You couldn’t make it up.


In fairness he’s a great fellow to tap in a penalty against the Panama’s of this world.


Michael O’Leary.


River Phoenix.


The Limerick posters


Davy glennon


I’d say you and Davy have a lot in common.


The rds horse show?


A court room?


Why did you just edit your post?


Because you were too thick to understand it.