Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Hello my good e-friends - I’m looking to buy a daycent tv soon, might wait until the sales - and advice is needed. I know fuck all about anything techy - i suppose between 38-48 inch would be the job- i’m mainly looking to stream stuff on it as I don’t really watch regular tv- also, what is the best piece of equipment to make the streaming happen? The chromecast? Be great to have the streaming up and working on the telly while having the dinner with the mrs.


Anything less than 50 inch is below the poverty line.


Really? Seems a bit big, mate. I’d only be watching the telly for an hour or so an evening, don’t know if I want a monster yolk for that.


Is this appliance to be used for NFL Redzone?


God no* - I’d never be allowed do that - NFL on the good telly?

*It will be on occasion i imagine.


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I’m getting an Android streaming box next week so I’ll let you know how that goes.
I believe @Rintintin recently got an Amazon Fire Stick sideloaded with Kodi, and he is very happy with it.


@Rintintin sign in ta fuck.


I use a Chromecast for streaming, bro but it’s usually for Popcorn or Showbox and they are as unreliable as fuck I find.


This has been recommended to me recently also and I intend on looking into this using my vast search resources (Google) later this afternoon.

You can get set up with an Android Box with Kodi installed for around €170 or so I believe,


Half that


What’s an android box, pal?


Is that with the Amazon thing?

Any links?


How is showbox unreliable, pal? I usually download episodes now, selecting torrents, and it’s far better than the regular way of streaming/watching.


Something like this.

That’s just from a quick search, not a recommendation.

  • Is there a danger of losing all these channels and having to buy a new box?


I find it unreliable anyway, bud. Has burned me a few times by crashing halfway through a movie. Torrents are obviously more stable but I can’t cast those. @Rocko made a fool of me a while ago by telling me to download a virus called Plex that ruined my laptop.


Not really.
You are thinking of the Dreambox.
As far as I know you can get a Dreambox, with all channels (inc PPV) for around 280 with a 70 per year subscription. The first year is included in the 280. This comes in over the dish so no need to worry about streaming, but there is the potential for the service to be shut down and you being left with a useless box. Never had one myself so can’t advise much more than that.


Hold up? Showbox offers you the option to download a movie/show to the app instead of streaming it - why can’t you watch that with cast??


I have a firestick side loaded with kodi actually XMBC to be precise. It was a very cheap option as the firestick was only £24 on black friday with amazon and free p&p . It has been working very well so far. Watch some sport and tv in general on it. Its main function so far has been for the kids watching movies which has been working out very well. If I was going to splash the cash on a proper system for streaming I would go with a hybrid box which uses both the internet and dish . You can get a top of the line one of these for about €250 with one years subs and tou have every channel on the sky box for that + streaming, newly released movies and PPV. Also has a record function and the added bonus of no buffering or pausing because it comes from a dish.