Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Is that like the zgemma?

I’ve been holding off until we buy our own play next year as I want to put it into the second living room.

Did you install Kodi yourself or what do you have to do once you have the Firestick?


The forums top tech. @manaboutdog loaded kodi on for me . I saw a few tutorials on youtube that would run you through it .

It’s similar to the zgemma from what i have looked up .

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Thanks dude.

I think it might be a handy stop gap until I can install it in the second living room when we buy.


The second living room? The back living room is it? Or the utility living room?

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The parlour.


He means the sitting room


I’ll try this at the weekend.


For special occasion use only.


As in NFL Sundays.



Would I need much more than is on this? I’m presuming there’s YouTube video to show me how to add all of the channels?


Do, pal…where the box pops up to push play, you’ll notice down the bottom right a box that says server- click this and select torrents and download - it will be stored in the ‘my library’ section in ‘my downloads’ - handy for a tablet if you are getting a red eye or the likes - most cunting travel services have blocked you from streaming.

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What about tv, lads? are they more or less all the same thing at this stage?


Are you buying online or are you heading in to Curry’s?

I wouldn’t be spending more than €500 (unless you won the Lotto or Princess is completely loaded) and would ask the sales person for their three best options based on your budget and need (not sexual).

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I haven’t really thought about where I am buying it yet, I was waiting to be told, pal. Tell me…


I’ve gotten good deals in SoundStore in the past

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ask the sales person for their three best options based on your budget and need (not sexual).

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48 inch minimum.

Don’t bother with sales, they’re artificial on TVs usually. You can find something now. They use the sales to shift stock that they artificially inflate temporarily.

Get a smart tv. Something from Samsung with Plex will cover streaming anything you’ve downloaded. That should be your main streaming for non live tv in my opinion. Seamless, no hassles, free, no buffering. Watch all your movies and US tv shows that way.

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That box will get you everything you need. It all comes preloaded too so you sound be good to go out of the box.

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Thank you Sir!


I picked up this fella lately.

Lovely tv.

Got it for €380

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