Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc




Ye are paying for @Copper_pipe through college.


I’ve my college years behind me :wink:


When you were about eight I’d say


Or as a local farmer used to say, “education’s for stupid people”.


FAO anyone that has got IPTV from the guy I recommend. You should now notice a new category.

U.K. Betting Channels

Has all the usual RUK and ATR but it also has SIS and the various feeds from other bookmakers.


How much does the guy you recommend charge?


£80 for 12 months


Does it runoff an android box with Kodi?


It can do. Can run on most devices


I have it on a firestick mate


It’ll prob run off an app on that TV of yours


Fao of @Copper_pipe @gman or anyone who can help. My iptv hurling viewing isnt working. It keeps stopping, switching of, jumping around, and generally dropping the Internet connection. I put the firestick into the front room telly, right beside the router and it made no difference. Oddly, other channels run perfectly well. I ran a lines peed check whilst the hurling had frozen, and it was clocking 52meg several times, so it’s not that I don’t think. The firestick felt very hot though. Could it be that I should replace it, and if so, with what??


Who are you getting the IPTV from?

EDIT: Just tried my RTÉ 2 stream there and it seems to be stuttering a bit every 5 seconds or so… maybe @balbec can check his and confirm if it is indeed an issue with the stream.


Handy enough fix there.
If you have the Firestick in port HDMI 1, you need to take it out of there, press the reset button, clean the connecters, dip it in Vaseline and stick it up your hole.




Don’t know Flatty. I didn’t get to see much of the hurling, only got the last minute or 2 and stream seemed fine. Just threw it on there again and no issues either. I use an Android box for mine or else my phone. If other channels were working then it would sound like the source had issues on Rte. Has it happened before or is it always bad?


It was sticking a bit at the start of the Sunday Game but like Kilkenny it recovered a bit.


Always rte and always the hurling. It’s almost like it can sense how desperate I am to watch it, and reacts accordingly. If it was international caravanning it probably would have worked fine.


That was ggago? It was buffering badly .