Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


No iptv.


Would a dreambox thing work for it?


Probably, depending on the set up of the Dreambox and if you can put in your own IPTV source. But an Android box will work too. Probably cheaper too. Can get decent ones for 50 quid or so.

What phone do you have? Have you loaded it onto that yet? Could see then if it works on another device first before getting any new box



Who do you have your iptv sub with?

Have you tried premier sports when the GAA is on? As far as I know they carry RTE transmission of games - maybe it’s gaago also? Still, transmission might be better …

Also with copper pipe’s iptv there’s 2 RTE stations for each channel - one is run from the RTE player (at least it looks that way when it goes to ads) and one from regular tv. You could try the player version … anyway, try premier sports next Saturday for the weaker QF of Clare v Wexford.

cc @Copper_pipe


Ring up sky you hungry cunt. You’re fucking loaded but still gimping around with Smyths toystore technology. Grand if you were in student accommodation but FFS, you’re a grown man.


If the issue is just on one stream then there’s an issue with the stream. Worth emailing the provider to see if he can sort it. The Lad I deal with is on holidays at the moment btw.


He’ll have to run that by the Mrs first.


Didn’t use iotv for the live game. Couldn’t get the Telly.


It doesnt matter how much money he has - why give it to sky? —

Anyway, his issue is with RTE and I presume he has iptv to pick up RTE as SKY UK dont have RTE.


A VPN seems like a much more foolproof way of getting RTÉ abroad. IPTV is excellent but everyone should have a VPN.


I’m away next week and will need to avail of one of these. Recommendations?




You can’t get many games. Gaa go is geo blocked in the UK, and you can’t see the Sunday game.
I have sky you presumptuous git.


I use Liberty Shield. Has never let me down anyway.

Servers in Ireland, UK, USA and various other European countries give you all the BBC/RTÉ/US access you need really.


Can you not still bring a sky box and matched card over from Ireland?


Ya but I’d have to pay via an Irish bank account on dd which I don’t have set up yet and I’d forget and go overdrawn sooner or later.
I’d stress that @Robert_Emmet is correct. I have no interest in sky sports or movies. I’d just like to have rte. The sky coverage leaves me cold. All I want is the hurling on rte, the Sunday game, and an occasional bit of fistyball.
I have Netflix and prime for everything else I’d ever want.


It’s your best solution by far though. And your paying for it anyway.


Just check premier sports.


Is there an Irish Bar in Manchester that shows these games?