Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


There are three local, but I don’t like going on my own, as none are places you’d want to spend an afternoon alone tbh, and the one I usually go to has soccer or anything else on the big screens, and hurling on one small one behind the bar with no sound.


Where do they get the RTÉ feed?


I’d say irish sky, I don’t know. None of the bar staff seem to know or care. You generally have to hurdle a wall of hostility to get it put on also, unless there’s one lad in particular there, who loves any excuse to put on a leprechaun accent. He is actually decent, albeit well powdered most of the time from what I can see


Gaa Go is available in Britain and includes the Sunday Game. Annual pass is 70 quid.

Premier sports is good value also and if you already have sky then you’re fully covered. It is just an additional channel in the sports section on sky.

Well worth paying a bit extra to be guaranteed you can watch whatever match you want.


Oh look who decides to finally show his fucking face again.


I’ve been here all along, don’t worry about that.


@flattythehurdler you have premier sports in the “other UK sports” channels section. I havent checked hurling on it though, but should be working when it is on it.


Pay to watch bogball :grinning:


:roll_eyes: I didn’t mention bogball.


Gaa go is blocked if sky show a game. Its also crap.


Piece of piss. Thanks bro.


How does it work @Rocko or @cluaindiuic


€8 monthly subscription. Some minor technical setup, all well documented. I’m afk keyboard atm moment. I’ll send on details later.



Sony 49inch TV for 399.00 in argos on Childers Road Limerick. Or Panasonic 50inch for 319.00


How much are the fire extinguishers?


Anyone else using an Android box on Sky Q Internet for this?

I’ve found it knock off the Sky boxes when I use IPTV and I’ve to reset the connection after. We’ve class Internet speeds, around 89Mbps down and 30Mbps up.


Who do I need to contact to get this iptv set
Up on the firestick



Have you got the firestick? Have you decent internet?


I need to collect it from parcel motel.

I should have next week once i switch to virgin from sky. Promising me 240 which is about 20 times better than I have now