Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Grand. I’ll PM you now!


You are a gent






@Copper_pipe I hope you’re on some kind of referral fee for all of this.


Its his ‘pal’ is making all the money right :wink:




His email persona makes far too many grammatical errors for it to be him


Worth every penny


Eh, thanks I think :sweat_smile:


Set up my Firestick there with the IPTV. Very impressed so far. Wifi is very strong on it and no issues with stream dropping.


id like to thank @Copper_pipe for all his help year to date
yer man really wants me to avail of the “triple x” tho,


He says the triple X gets him a fair few customers. He’s one of the few providers that offers it :rofl:

When I was getting the cardsharing subscription he said he had 6 servers going and 600 customers on each…


fucking hell
so that 3600 customers averaging about 30stg for a 3 month period each


How much extra is the triple x

Cc @Bandage


The cardsharing was cheaper.

40 sterling for 12 months. 600 people connecting to the one sky card to get the encryption codes :grinning:


It comes as standard, you have to opt out


ah ok, im just on the standard IPTV via STBeemu
wonder how many so does he have on that


Not sure about the IPTV.

HIs numbers on the cardsharing have dropped sharpish since Sky changed the encryption about 12 months ago.


Anybody using an Android Oreo box? Any issues seen?

Looking to get a decent iptv box with >4Gb RAM and some of the Oreo (Android v8.0) features such as PIP and voice command look good… not fully convinced by the implementation given some early online reviews.

Edit: when I say decent, I mean cheap. Cheap and nasty.