Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


If its for IPTV only then a mag 322 box would probably be a better option


One of these


Very small buffer. Grand if you have flaking broadband, I don’t… need something with a bigger bucket. I’ll be throwing more than the iptv at it so a slick OS is key, preferably Android. That’s a nice little Linux box though.

I’ve read Oreo can struggle with iptv but that may just require a patch.



Another satisfied cusotmer. Great customer care and made it all very easy.


He’s a great man, that @Copper_pipe lad isn’t too bad either


he is a top bloke

ask him for the terranium app too, it gives you load more options




Sorry for knowing nothing but what is iptv and how do u get it?


Will do. What does it give me more


Ring up your TV provider ask them to add it on


well basically my wife wanted to buy a programme called Divorce on Amazon prime, I emailed to see could I pay for it via prime as I wasn’t set up, he told me how to set up a new app and I searched for the programme and got it.

I think its access to the library where he pulls the movies that go into the video club


@Copper_pipe does your man provide epg for all channels?

I’ve found a box I like and it works well with a fully stocked epg.


EPG is available yeah. Not sure what app is best for EPG on Android Box. He should be able to point you in the right direction though


Sky do an add on to their package, similar to multi room. Give them a bell if you are anywhere close to being out of contract and tell them they can shove the whole lot up their hole unless you get IPTV added to your package for free. Tjats what I did and I never looked back.


Just so folks know what kind of an operation they’re contributing to :smiley:


Unlucky pal, back to the catalogue for you then I guess.


Are we cool?


We should be. He doesn’t advertise as such. Most of his customers are either moving over from the cardsharing to IPTV or he gets referrals from existing customers.


Who cares? It’s seamless bro - thanking you


Sound. Bought the box today, a Formuler Z7+.

The iptv app on it is myOnlineTV. Looks the job in video reviews. Will get it monday I expect so I’ll be on to your man in time for The Monday Game!